Engineering in Automation and Industrial IT 

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DECOBECQ Automatismes complements its business as an integrator by developing its own standards in terms of automation and industrial IT solutions in batch process production.  
Our solutions are connected to the field equipment and integrated into the overall plant management system (ERP). They provide the level of traceability, flexibility and responsiveness required to meet production targets.

DECOBECQ Automatismes is therefore able to offer the best solutions for meeting the needs of its customers.  
After the success of the BatchPro software, we are now offering our new software suite named oXalis.
oXalis a tool for all your stakeholders 
oXalis has been designed to combine versatility with a wide range of functionalities. 
The software management workbench consists of several modules to give clearer overall management of tasks to be performed according to the different posts: production, planning, lab, service, etc. 

Module Supervision
oXalis features a graphic client / redundant server management module. 
With its scalable interface, this software tool allows for real time control of the manufacturing process.

Module Batch
The oXalis software suite also has a planning and recipe and batch management module. 
This module natively manages formulation, material batch management and full traceability of components.

Additional Module
Other modules complement the oXalis system. Drafting production recipes, consulting completed baths, process event and defect display, graph creation, etc...

oXalis’ advantages
View and control your system with great flexibility

Manage formulas and recipes from raw materials
Plan and schedule your batch production
Monitor, alert and record all process events

Ensure full traceability of product batches
Ensure preventive and effective maintenance